Thursday, 19 April 2012

You know the IB is almost here when... only ever see Second Years at breakfast and check-in and some briefly at mealtimes in between.
     - your social life seems to involve only those in your Carrel Unit.
     - everyone supposedly 'relaxing' in the Dayroom at check-in is talking about work.
     - everyone at supper is so tired they simply stare at their plate.
     - people start drinking coffee at 10.30pm
     - you go to the Quiet Room when you used to go to bed.
     - you see people walking around eating Nutella out of a jar.

Yes, the IB is starts in a fortnight and you can really tell by looking at the Second Years!! The First Years have exams now, and this year they count as their predicted grades for Uni. There are some stressed First Years on campus as well.  I'm trying to get my sleep but it is hard. Even if you don't work you want to be able to relax and talk to people about something other than work for a while. I'm working until 7pm tonight and then I will sit a Maths Paper 2. We did Paper 1 as a class last night as well. After that we don't have Open House as we're having House Breakfast on Saturday. However, I will bake a cake for my History class with my Dutch friend in our Houseparent's house. Tomorrow is my last day of Codes- ever! We seem to be having food in every class and probably have to dress up. We're going to my History teacher's house during our code which will be really nice.  Must go now. Love to all.